Ten Places to See in India

India is not an ordinary tourist destination. Perhaps, it would be better to say that it is not just a tourist destination. It is a journey through time, culture, history and in strange ways, a destination for getting glimpses of what destiny and nature has presented humanity and blessed it with.

Actually, at first sight, India appears as a place where ordinary men and women often struggle to make their two ends meet. But then, it is also a place where human civilization has survived for last seven thousand years and maybe more, withstanding aggression, invasion, disaster, catastrophes, epidemics, and even ….. human greed.

Yet, it has survived, blossomed, suffered, withstood it all and ….. not given up on any of its greatest blessing ….. humanity !

Here is a suggestion for the places you may like to see, if you plan to visit this ancient civilization that still survives amidst a rapidly modernizing, crowded nation of vegetarian people, who worship god in all forms, without getting fanatical about either god or religion.