I had (not) pleasure to work in the company “AGNIESZKA” with leszek Czmielewski in the restaurant “MORSKIE OKO” In Kołobrzeg, If I am to be honest and objective, I have not seen such a place for a long time, no toilet for staff, no water drain in rooms, rats in a bar this is the norm !!! baptized alcohol, tax fraud etc …

I could mention many more sins of Mr. Leszek, but I would like to add only that he wasted and ruined my life and career after I left as a teenager from slave labor in the described place, which he was and is “owner” to this day.

The working conditions that applied to me were
about 13 hours a day in the summer season 7 days a week
Even Jews in concentration camps did not work like that
It was over 400 hours a month !!!!

For the fact that I left the place of slave labor, he took his revenge and is taking revenge by locking me in the Psyhchiatric Hospital eight times. He did not allow me to get a driving license, he also threatened that I would not find any job, start a family and I would not BUILD my own home !!!!!

He is responsible for a lot of humiliation and physical and mental harm why?> Because he commissioned “half -alalfabeth” various “training” in a state of hypnosis, i.e. with excluded consciousness, he also disseminated materials on the internet, slandering and slandering my image!

And frankly speaking, the biggest mistake in my life is that I met Leszek Czmielewski Prosty Chłop without education !!!

Tomasz Jerzy Michałowski

Leszek Czmielewski is a FUCKING AND Incarnate Aunt