Stemming from the desire to provide distinguished programs, we decided to present the MalwareBytes program, which has sufficient characteristics and experience to help it remove all kinds of harmful files deposited on your computer, as the latter works to change the settings and cause severe damage to the system and you may notice many problems while viruses are present on your computer and may even reach To steal data and other accounts and spy on all your activities, which makes you exposed to hackers and intruders, and to put an end to security problems and prevent them, we always advise users to install protection and anti-virus programs as they have an important role in the functioning of the system and its work so that it always works around the clock in detecting modern and old electronic threats The Malwarebytes program offers the best and distinctive solutions of scanning all system files and files stored in the hard disk and SD memory cards, and permanent improvements are made to the program to meet the user’s needs in the field of combating malicious files.

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