General Manager Brown: Leave the outer handle Baker Ham and Landri
Although this year’s nfl jerseys‘s wage cap will drop sharply, Cleveland still hopes to be able to keep the most important 3 taken.

In addition to the small Adeel Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.), Brown will occupy a $ 1.1.5 million salary space, Recommended Website Jarvis Landry. At the same time they want to be able to renew the Rashard Higgins with the Rajard Higgins that is about to be free players.

“I think he is an excellent player, you can play a huge role in the team’s offensive system, so we look forward to him healthily,” General Manager Andrew Berry recently talked to Beckham. He also revealed that Baker Ham’s knee recovery is progressing well. Beckham watched 7 games last season due to the reimbursement of the knee before the reimbursement of the knee, 43 times of passing the ball, completed 23 clicks 3 times.

As for Higgins, Bailei said: “He obviously played a key role in our last season. We are really active in the history of our cooperation …. We will continue to communicate with him and his brokers. We will look at the progress. “In 2016, the fifth round of the selection of Selection of Selection was completed 113 cents in the five seasons of Brown. The 1615 yards were taken.

For Randri, Baile’s attitude is: “He really played outstanding last season. He is one of our team leaders. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention to him on Twitter. We really like Jaweis. “Landri completed 72 battles last season to get 840 yards, ranked first. He has previously released a mystery of a mystery in the tweet to cause a wind wave.

However, although the two outer junctions occupy a $ 27 million space, Brown is still less than $ 25 million salary space. They still have enough space to reinforce the team, let them continue to make progress on the basis of 11 wins and 5 new records last season.