The blog, “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” was “just auxiliary” to the ex-president’s communications efforts, senior aide Jason Miller told CNBC. In his posts, Trump adopted a tone similar to the one he used on his now-defunct Twitter account — cheering on his supporters and criticizing his rivals and detractors.

According to a , fish are most often transported via a truck fitted with giant holding tanks that pulls up to a lake or stream, ‘attaches a pipe to the tank outlet, opens a chute, and the fish slide directly into the water.’

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This is a big fight for the women’s bantamweight division, between two of its top contenders. Interestingly, Aldana is coming off a bad weight miss, hitting the scale at 139.5 pounds, when she needed to hit 136. Will that affect this fight? Historically fighters who miss weight have an advantage, but sometimes that weight cut struggle can have a massive impact on stamina. Let’s see what happens. I’m picking Kunitskaya.

In the wake of the deadly US Capitol Hill riot on Jan. 6, Trump was effectively exiled from social media due to concerns that his online remarks could incite further violence. Last month, a Facebook oversight panel upheld the suspension of Trump’s accounts, but told the social network to either put a limit on the suspension or make it permanent.

Tai Tuivasa vs. Greg Hardy Oh man, nothing like a heavyweight slobberknocker. Tai Tuivasa, is famous for his victory shoeys (a shoey is when you drink beer out of a stranger’s shoe, after the stranger has spat in it — yes, I know, gross). Greg Hardy is notorious as an ex-NFL player with a tarnished history. Many are divided on whether he should be fighting in the UFC at all. 

Branson is Astronaut 001 and will travel with Chief Astronaut Beth Moses (Astronaut 002), Lead Operations Engineer Colin Bennett (Astronaut 003) and VP of Government Affairs Sirisha Bandla (Astronaut 004) in the cabin. 

The British billionaire will launch on the first of the three test flights carrying a full complement of ‘astronauts’ in the cabin, before they begin flying the first of 600 ‘future astronaut’ ticket holders in 2022.

‘Horses are still used at times to get fish into hard-to-reach places. Recently, in northern Utah a particular situation required a little creativity to take fish to a remote section of a small stream on the Wasatch Front.’ 

Sir Richard Branson will fly to the edge of space on a spaceplane built by his own company on Sunday, declaring it is ‘time to turn my dream into reality,’ as he takes to the stars nine days before rival Jeff Bezos.


ASH BARTY WINS WIMBLEDON Barty* 6-3 6-7 6-3 Pliskova

Ash Barty collapses to the floor. She’s done it. Pliskova’s shot is into the net. Her first Wimbledon title. Her second Grand Slam title.

Virgin Galactic founder, Sir Richard Branson, moved his trip to space to an earlier test flight after Jeff Bezos announced he was going up, but claims no rivalry, saying ‘we both wished each other well’

Former President Donald Trump’s blog has vanished from his official website and won’t be returning, CNBC reported Wednesday. The blog, which he used to share statements after being banned by social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, launched last month.

‘Evonne is a very special person in my life,’ she said. ‘She has been iconic in paving a way for young indigenous youth to believe in their dreams and to chase their dreams. The stars aligned for me this past fortnight.’


Barty* 6-3 3-4 Pliskova

Pliskova back in the lead in this second set. A 115mph serve forces 40-0 and while Barty shows some resistance, some hard-hitting from the Czech sees her edge to 4-3.

Workers at the Logan Fish Hatchery told the network they typically raise 250,000 fish for breeding, research, or to stock Utah’s waters for sport every year or two, but have stocking some bodies of water because of low water levels and rising temperatures.

The vast southern continent with such a deep tennis tradition had not produced a Wimbledon singles champion of either sex since Lleyton Hewitt in 2002, but now it has another — and this should not be her last.

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Burns appears to be trying to take this to the ground, which is smart, but Thompson has great takedown defence. A lot of the early part of this round is taking place on the fence. Not really great for either fighter.