After setting off from Princes Risborough Ms Evans, 39 was five miles into the race close to Chequers when she looked up startled to see Mr Johnson hurtling towards her as he determinedly pushed Wilfred’s push chair as Jack Russell Dilyn excitedly strained at the leash.

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* The European Central Bank will on Thursday announce the outcome of an 18-month strategy review, redefining its inflation target and laying down what role it plans to play in the fight against climate change.

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July 7 (Reuters) – The Gates Foundation said Melinda French Gates and Bill Gates, in the midst of a high-profile divorce, will continue to work as co-chairs for a two-year trial period and after that time if the arrangement unravels, she would step down.

The foundation said the controlling billionaire benefactors, Bill and Melinda, will contribute $15 billion, their single largest contribution since 2000, bringing the total endowment to about $65 billion.

economic recovery “was generally seen as not having yet been met,” but agreed they should be poised to act if inflation or other risks materialised, according to the minutes of the central bank’s June policy meeting.

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Most people think of kittens and Justin Beiber when they think of YouTube videos; however, if you are Advertising an On-line company then you have to blog post realize the powerful connection between the reality that Google now owns YouTube.

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The contingency plan for one of the world’s largest philanthropic foundations was announced website by Chief Executive Officer Mark Suzman, a move that would ensure a successful transition for the foundation that has spent over $50 billion in the past two decades toward combating poverty and disease.

July 8 (Reuters) – Gold held steady on Thursday as lower U.S.
Treasury yields countered a stronger dollar after minutes from the Federal Reserve’s last meeting showed that the central bank is moving towards tapering its asset purchases as soon as this year.

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Well, the company that makes this computer-controlled pooch does. Hyundai and SoftBank first revealed the deal last year, but as of today, Hyundai now owns a controlling stake — at least 80% of the firm. On Monday, SoftBank announced Hyundai Motor Group officially took a controlling stake in Boston Dynamics, which tinkers with robots like Spot.
Boston Dynamics