Amazon on Tuesday said it submitted its proposed development plans for the next phase of construction at its new headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. In addition to more traditional office buildings and retail spaces, the company’s plans include a unique, double helix-inspired building that will “feature two walkable paths of landscaped terrain that will spiral up the outside of the building,” Amazon said in a blog post. 

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‘The two were so neck-and-neck for me. I was also very interested in looking at roads we hadn’t explored the first time around, and teachers — that was a whole area. Especially private school teachers who are younger than public school teachers, who make less money than public school teachers, who come out of college and are not so removed from the age of the students that they’re teaching. All of that combined just felt like really fertile territory.’  

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The Helix was designed by NBBJ, the same architecture firm that designed the “Spheres” at Amazon’s Seattle campus. It’ll sit alongside three new 22-story buildings that’ll provide office space for the 25,000 employees Amazon plans to accommodate at HQ2. The company said the Helix will host an artist-in-residence program and be open to the public on some weekends. 

Safran went on to say, ‘I can’t remember whether I first knew that there would be teachers and a teacher would be Gossip Girl, or whether I knew first that I would know who Gossip Girl was and it would be a teacher. 

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In 2018, Amazon selected two cities for its massive HQ2 expansion project, Long Island City and Arlington. However, public response in New York quickly , and Amazon canceled its plans to build a new campus in the city. 

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The creator of the original series, Joshua Safran, who is serving as the showrunner for the reboot, discussed the decision-making behind the surprising twist during an interview with He explained, ‘I have friends who work in the private schools of the Upper East Side and Upper West Side. And I went to one, obviously. I often thought since the first Gossip Girl ended that there was maybe a show in teachers at these rarefied schools, but I never landed on anything. 

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The Arlington site is known as PenPlace and sits just outside of Washington DC. It’ll include shops and restaurants, as well as more than 2.5 acres of public use space that’ll feature an amphitheater, dog park and forest grove, Amazon said. 

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