Author: Judi Singleton
Subject: dominoqq Creative Imaginations
Published: March 11th 2004

How to Dream Solutions
Carey was flying through the black
night sky. She felt the wind in her hair and smelled the
dampness below her. When she looked down she knew how high
she had flown and was afraid. Yet it is exhilarating too.
She sees someone down below looking up at her. He can see
her flying she wraps the black cloak she wears around her so
he will not be able to see her flying. Then she woke up.
Rubbing her eyes, wondering for a moment where she was. Oh,
it was only a dream or was it a dream? It seems so real.

Whether they are illusionary like the one above or profound
dreams They oftencan help us to actualize our waking goals
Dreams often. indicate personal growth spurts. They are not
prophesy like in the bible but if you can dectect within
their illusionary, spiritual atmosphere a clue they can
help you to know which way you want to go.

When my friend Carey first told me about this dream, her
goal was to start writing again. She had lost touch with the
creative side of herself. She had a good job. She had a
happy marriage with two wonderful kids.

She used her creativity in her job as a window designer. She
was creative with her children. But none of this was
enough. She wanted to write again. Only her writing had
ever made her

feel the full extent of her creativity. She loved every
inute of the process She loved the research, the words. Oh
how she loved words. through words she found her personal
power. She loved the of writing down the words it seemed
to her that she was nifesting something new into physical
reality. It made her feel like was flying. So back to the
dream of flying through the night. She also feared that
she was not good enough to become a freelance writer

that could make a living with her stories. She wrapped
the cloak around her her so no one could see her flying.

Realizing this Carey was excited but afraid. Change can be
very rightening but she fcould no longer hide her need to
be creative by writing. Not the black night sky would hide
it or the black cloak she wrapped around her. Her
creativity was surfacing and would t be denied. no She
talked unendingly arguing with herself about why she could
not quit her job and just start writing. I actively
listened and back to her what she was saying. We a writing
talked about starting to take class so she would have people
to give her feed back about writing. She set some moderate
goals for her transition to at least

start writing a little each day. The class would give her
support and structure to do that. At the class she started
making friends with other writers who didn’t feel they
could write full time. They provided the support she needed
to keep talking about her need to write. She felt
comfortable talking about it after class because they were
all in the same boat.

later carey dreamed of a talking owl. Now owls are very
wise and this one could talk. Owls also can fly in the dark
and led the way as they see in the dark. The owl told her
to follow him and he would lead her where she needed to go.
He told her she was not alone. Some people come along and
challenge her for talking to the owl. They say kill that
bird. She refuses she will not kill the creativity within
her or the support she has now she no longer feels alone.
carl Jung said that dreams were the gateway to the
subconscious mind. Though they may not be prophesy they can
lead you along life’s Journey they are a part of you and
should be recognized and nutured as all parts of you. So use
your dreams to fuel and unbraid your creativity.